Rattlesnake Avoidance Training

 How long will it take? You will be here no longer than an hour.

How much does it cost? Clinics conducted at the High on kennels facility are $60 per dog.

How is it done? We use an electronic training collar to simulate a snake bite, we teach the dog to recognize the sight, sound and scent of the rattlesnake and to avoid them when encountered.

Does it hurt my dog? No, the collar gives a mild electrical shock that startles the dog and teaches them to avoid the snake. The degree of shock is controlled by the trainer and is adjusted to the size and temperament of the pet. No dog has ever been injured at one of our events.

Can the snake hurt my dog? No, all precautions are taken to keep your dog safe; the snakes are neutralized so that they cannot bite.

Do the snakes get hurt? No, the snakes are well cared for, no snake or dog has ever been injured in the process of training.

Who handles my dog? Your dog will be handled by trained handlers. The trainer follows the handler and the dog and stimulates the dog as it encounters the rattlesnake.

What do I do when I arrive for my appointment? Please leave your dog in the vehicle while you sign in. the handler will come and get your dog when your turn comes up, however once you are signed in you are free to walk your dog on leash in the parking area. Please avoid dog to dog contact as the other dogs going through training may be nervous.

General Questions

 How do I get to High on kennels? The address is 26920 Mesa Grande Road, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070.

 From central San Diego area, go up through Ramona on highway 78 towards Julian. Turn left on highway 79 at the town of Santa Ysabel go two miles then turn left on Mesa Grande road. Travel 9.5 mile on Mesa Grande road to 26920 Mesa Grande road, look for the large green and orange High on kennels sign and turn left into the driveway. 

 From north San Diego county take highway 76 to lake Henshaw resort, once at lake Henshaw go two mile south and look for the Mesa Grande Indian reservation turn off, turn right on center loop road go three hundred feet and turn right on Mesa Grande road travel 2.5 miles up the road to 26920 Mesa Grande road, Look for the large green and orange sign and turn right into the driveway take the first dirt road you come to on the left you will see the parking area next to the grove of trees.