Obedience training

 Practical obedience training is something every dog needs to be a happy well adjusted pet. While some owners endeavor to do it on their own most are better served letting a professional trainer handle the task, after all owning a dog is a big responsibility and long term commitment. Having a well trained and obedient pet makes it a pleasure at home and is a necessity in today’s litigious society. Our normal training regimen takes one month and gives your pet all the basics it needs to be successful.



With obedience training the younger the better when it comes to getting the most from your pet. We offer straight in kennel training for obedience as well as in home training where your pet lives in our home as a member of our family. We also offer individualized lessons for you and your pet to work on specific behaviors and problems you may be encountering. We can come to your home to evaluate the environment and give training lessons as well as having you visit us at our kennel where we can work with you and your pet on what they need to be a successful happy member of your family.